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The Conversation Ep. 3 - What is Generational Wealth?

In this edition of The Conversation we have Ricardo Blenman and Chidi Ekeji join us in the studio to discuss Real Estate and Generational Wealth.

Ricardo Blenman A New York native raised in Brooklyn New York, he leverages a depth of market knowledge to negotiate this tightly held market. Ricardo is keen with his timing; he is apt at knowing when to purchase, which way the market is likely to move in the near future, and upcoming developments that will impact pricing. With a strong background in sales, Ricardo takes pride in offering client oriented service. He facilitates and coaches his clients, provides advice, educates, and keep them focused on their goals, always putting their needs first.

Chidi Ekeji A passionate and outcome focused Population Health Analyst with several years of experience using clinical data and patient outreach in identifying, understanding and meeting specific needs of high risk populations. Resourceful and highly in-tuned advocate of the under-served whose goals are to counteract the negative influence that socioeconomic factors have on health outcomes and convey complex health information in a easy to understand manner in order to influence stakeholders.

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